x64 Edition Not Booting

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. i1zuhg3n1u5

    Rick Guest

    Have you tried contacting Abit Tech Support? Especially since this
    seems to be a hardware specific problem and may not be a Win x64 OS
    problem at all.
    Rick, Jun 5, 2005
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  2. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    I have contacted them... but they are VERRRRRRRRRRY slow in replying... as
    are most tech supports.
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 6, 2005
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  3. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    I have contacted them... but they are VERRRRRRRRRRY slow in replying... as
    are most tech supports.
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 6, 2005
  4. ABIT Computer (USA) Corporation
    45531 Northport Loop West
    Fremont, California 94538
    United States

    Tel: (510) 623-0500
    Fax: (510) 623-1092
    Wayne Wastier, Jun 6, 2005
  5. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    yeah, I was figuring I should call them...
    because they are so slow with that whole email bit.
    :sigh: if they say customer service email, than GIVE ME SERVICE!
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 6, 2005
  6. I know what you mean. I e-mailed Asus about 2 years ago, and to this date I
    have not received a response. <sigh> But, when I called them on the
    phone, they were prompt and very friendly. I had a defective motherboard
    and ZipZoomFly, where I purchased it, replaced it FOC.

    Wayne Wastier, Jun 6, 2005
  7. i1zuhg3n1u5

    FSJams Guest

    I had the same issue as you with it not loading past the win64 boot screen.
    more than likely the display drivers that xp64 is loading for the initial
    startup may not be 100 percent compatible with your video card. what you need
    to do is to load windows into safe mode, like a previous poster had said.
    press f8 before the windows logo shows up and it should give you an option to
    run windows in safe mode, select safe mode with networking options so you can
    go online and download the correct xp 64 video drivers for your computers
    video card. you will have to extract the drivers and manually install them in
    device manager. you should definitely check your event viewer when you get
    into windows. to find this option right click my computer in the start menu
    and then select manage. it will tell you what is hanging up upon load. im
    almost 100% sure its going to be the video drivers. try it out and see what
    FSJams, Jun 6, 2005
  8. i1zuhg3n1u5

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, i1zuhg3n1u5.

    Could you PLEASE click the button in the Web-based interface to include the
    message to which you are Replying? (I use the Web interface so seldom that
    I don't recall just what the button is, and I don't want to go there just to
    check this, but I know that I've seen it there. If all else fails, go back
    and read the Help files for using Discussion Groups.) Each of your posts
    looks like a disembodied ghost text hanging out in mid-air with no context
    telling readers, for example, who "them" are. :>(

    Or, like most regular newsgroup users, switch to a news reader, rather than
    the Web interface. Just click here:

    Unless blocked by something like a corporate firewall, that one click should
    start Outlook Express, create a News Account for the Microsoft public news
    server (which is free and does not require you to log on), open this NG and
    download the 300 newest headers. In other words, it should bring you right
    back here - but using the news reader, rather than the Web. After that, you
    can click OE's Tools button and customize OE to suit yourself. If you don't
    like it, you can still go back to the Web interface; you see exactly the
    same messages - and your posts show up - using either method.

    Either way, including the relevant context for your latest post would make
    it easier for you to get help here. ;<}

    R. C. White, Jun 6, 2005
  9. Hello,
    Where exactly are you failing? From the thread it sounds like different
    failure points from different posts.
    When you boot from the X64 Windows CD, what do you see on the screen?
    At what point do you fail?
    In the thread is sounds as if first you start the boot process and fail
    during setup, then it sounds like the CD itself will not boot so setup
    doesn't even start.
    If setup starts, you are booting from the CD.
    Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights
    Darrell Gorter[MSFT], Jun 6, 2005
  10. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    Called ABIT... they said that the versions of x64 released just aren't
    compatible with SATA. I find this disappointing, because SATA is all I have.
    x64 is currently only IDE-ready, apparently. So now, I wait. :sigh: I love
    how products are always first released incomplete...
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 6, 2005
  11. Hogwash and Horse Pucky! Dozens here are running X64 with SATA. Check
    PlanetAMD64 for drivers.
    David R. Norton MVP, Jun 6, 2005
  12. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    I don't know where to look on PlanetAMD64... or what I'm looking for. There's
    a lot there, but nothing specific. It confuses me, so I need a guide. Thanks.
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 6, 2005
  13. OK. First, you must register to see the downloads. They only ask your name
    and email address so it's not painful and they've never sent me anything
    other than a confirmation email so they won't spam you.

    Once you've registered, go back and sign in, now you'll see a button labelled
    "downloads" at the top (it was there before but it didn't show anything if
    you clicked it). So click on "Downloads" and the first selection is Windows
    drivers and apps, AMD64. Click on that and then select "Storage" to find
    SATA and RAID drivers. See if what's listed there looks like what you need.
    Your motherboard manual should tell you what chipset and RAID controller you

    Since your board is different and I don't have a SATA drive, someone else
    might be of more help from this point on but you might also find all the help
    you need by reading earlier posts here and don't be afraid to ask more
    David R. Norton MVP, Jun 7, 2005
  14. i1zuhg3n1u5

    i1zuhg3n1u5 Guest

    okay. I found an SATA driver disk that came with my Abit AA8XE.
    upon "F6-ing" in the installation, this list appeared:
    Intel(R) 82801FR SATA RAID Controller for Windows 2000/XP/2003
    Intel(R) 82801FR SATA AHCI Controller for Windows 2000/XP/2003
    Intel(R) 82801ER SATA RAID Controller for Windows 2000/XP/2003
    Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA RAID Controller for Windows XP/Server 2003
    Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATA RAID Controller for Windows 2000
    Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATA RAID Controller for Windows XP/Server 2003
    Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATA RAID Controller for Windows 2000
    VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller for Windows XP
    VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller for Windows 2000
    VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller for Windows 2003 IA32

    judging from my mainboard, the Intel ones would obviously be used... that
    is... if I had the x64 equivalents of them. it prompted me to get the x64
    compatible versions of those drivers. my only issue is: where do I get them?
    i1zuhg3n1u5, Jun 7, 2005
  15. i1zuhg3n1u5

    Red Guest

    No, he didn't bother to take the time to read your question carefully.
    Red, Jun 8, 2005
  16. i1zuhg3n1u5

    Red Guest

    Reread the post.

    Red, Jun 8, 2005
  17. i1zuhg3n1u5

    Michael .dk Guest

    I had same problem. it was becourse the winxp 64bit overheatet my psu. when
    the tower was open it work fine. I have change the psu and every thing works
    Michael .dk, Jun 11, 2005
  18. i1zuhg3n1u5

    dnashj33 Guest

    I have a MSI K8T Neo MB and VIA is the chipset. I initially had the same
    identical problem as you, except that I AM running a RAID configuration.
    I booted up in the XP (32bit) partition, went to VIA's website and they had
    2 main selections...it was one or the other, NOT BOTH. IF YOU WERE running a
    RAID they provided a 64bit driver to copy to a floppy (to be used exclusively
    during intial Windows install....you know, hit F6...). Then, there was a
    separate (Hyperion Pro) set/bundle of drivers to load after Windows XP 64 was

    Since the RAID controller also controls your SATA's, treat your install as
    if you were running a RAID config, and see if that doesn't do the trick.

    I totally agree with you about the aggravation Microsoft seems to be causing
    by releasing a rather shoddy product. NO customer should have to wade through
    a maze of mysterious workarounds, just to install and use a product.
    Especially considering that they charge so much!
    Think of it....if a young kid wants to piece together a system on a tight
    budget, and Microsoft says,"Hey there youngster; whatcha doing'? Yeah, that's
    a nice system you put together for 500 bucks, but you aint done yet....to run
    that thing, you gotta pay the Piper...you know...Bill. Let's see, that'll be
    another $400 just for the Operating system. You wanna a Word processor to go
    with dat, so you can type up a nice essay for your class project? That's
    gonna be another $300. If you don't want to go that route, you can just throw
    down a smooth grand at a retail store for the whole system.
    Yeah, we give huge deals to the manufacturers, but the little guy, like
    you...heh,heh. What can I say? We're in the money making Biz, aye."

    I can't find the "system restore" function in the control panel (performance
    & maintenance). Can't get Quicktime to work (and need it to view online video
    tutorials that I pay a subscription fee for). Almost half of the services are
    automatically turned off, and wastes entire days troubleshooting a simple
    install. It's a real winner Microsoft has produced. Helps a person test their
    anger management skills, .
    dnashj33, Jun 18, 2005
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