XBox 360 as MCE Extender?? Without DVI/HDMI?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by nutz4hd, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. nutz4hd

    nutz4hd Guest

    Why? If you have a digital display, who wants to add D/A and A/D steps to
    the picture??

    Seems short sighted.

    nutz4hd, Oct 20, 2005
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  2. nutz4hd

    irishx Guest

    yeah! tell me about it..i went out after the introduction to the XBOX360, and
    got that exact same tv,not sure on the size but, i got the 61" SAMSUNG DLP
    w/ one DVI,three componets,three composite,few S-video, and one VGA. and
    actually i have been,usig VGA ever since NEOYA put out the adapter for this.
    i also turned on my "proggresive scan-or whatever they call it" on live
    since the begining, to do that you make sure you have a HDTV(w/proggresive
    scan), XBOX HD connectors and do the following = turn on the XBOX on eject
    DVD,CD tray, then enter the sequence (press & hold L & R index trigger
    buttons === also, press the L & R JOY-STICKS in...once ALL FOUR(4) are
    pressed in the screen will go blank for one sec. and BLAM!!! you,ll never
    ever go back to the old. i can promise you that.........
    So, back to nutz reply if the XBOX360 is digital why VGA every cable store
    on the web tells me NO, SIR VGA(analogue) to go DVI(digital) i need a $300.00
    connector and for my TV to display my XBOX360 it must be connected to the DVI
    to display digital or any of the special features of my S-DLP
    irishx, Oct 21, 2005
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