xbox 360 shortage

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by T1J, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. T1J

    T1J Guest

    Will there really be a Xbox 360 shortage? is the Shortage only on the Launch
    day 11/22/05? will I'll be able to get Xbox the next day or thanksgiving day?
    possibly my best chance of getting my hands on Xbox 360 on 22nd is going to
    either Sears or Circuitcity since i call both store, they just said that they
    would open on normal operation, no special thing about the xbox 360 launch
    day, who knows that may change in my area, i might call 2nd time on Monday.

    I heard that all major bestbuy store will open at 9am on some xbox website
    forgot the site sorry about that. is it true? I'm guessing most of the people
    are going to line-up on bestbuy.
    T1J, Nov 19, 2005
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  2. T1J

    Cat F Guest


    Yup, looks like there will be a worldwide shortage in the launch window
    (first 6 - 12 weeks). People who pre ordered very early are probably alright,
    but if supply over there is anything like it is here (I think the US are
    getting 1 milloipon units, we have 50 thousand coming), your best bet is
    likely to be a midninght shopping trip - not all units were allocated to
    pre-sales. Stores opening at midnight on the 22nd probably have some reserved
    stock to sell on the night - I guess these will only last minutes though, so
    you might need to get queueing.

    Over here, there has been low takup on the core system - you might still be
    able to pre order that.

    Best of Luck

    Cat F, Nov 19, 2005
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  3. T1J

    X Warlord Guest

    This is an e-mail I sent to GameStop before I went and picked up all my money
    for the Xbox 360 that I pro-ordered with them. :


    My name is XXXXXX and a couple of months ago I preordered an Xbox 360 form
    your XXXXXXX, XX location. When I pre-ordered the Xbox 360, all I was told
    was that they were about to run out of pre-orders and I needed to pre-order
    mine if I wanted to be able to get one on the release date. If not it would
    probably be after the first of the year before I could get one. So I went a
    head and pre-ordered the Xbox 360.

    A week or so ago, I paid the Xbox 360 off, taxes and all. The day I paid it
    off, your guy behind the counter told me to be at the store on Nov. 21st at
    9:00pm EST to get a number. Then come back at 12:00am EST on Nov. 22nd to
    pick up my Xbox 360.

    Since then I have heard rumors from friends that there were different
    shipments coming in and that I better check to see if I am going to be able
    to get my Xbox 360 at launch on Nov. 22nd. So I called GameStop today and
    told them that I pre-ordered an Xbox 360 and I was calling to make sure that
    I would be getting it on Nov. 22nd. The guy that I talked to said I will be
    getting the Xbox 360 if I ordered on the 1st Shipment. I said I do not know
    anything about a first shipment, all I know is that I pre-ordered and paid
    off an Xbox 360. He said he was only getting 25 Xbox 360`s in on 1st shipment
    and 1st shipment customers and paid off Xbox 360 customers were first
    priority but he could not guarantee anything. I told him that you guys have
    over $400 of my money and was not told any of this information. He said they
    will call me by the Nov. 18th to let me know if I am getting my Xbox 360 or
    not. That is only 4 days away from launch!!!! That is ridiculous!

    I am very upset with your company right now. Last year I spent over $2000 on
    Xbox games and allot of them came from that store and this is how I get
    treated? Your employee should have let me know there was a chance of this
    happening the day I pre-ordered it. It would have also been nice to have it
    in writing.

    The main reason I am writing this letter is to let you know that if I do not
    get the Xbox 360 that I pre-ordered on Nov. 22nd like I was told, I am going
    to expect every dime of my money back. Also, I will never step foot in
    another GameStop or EB games again. That is very sad too, because I like your
    stores, but I do not like being treated this way.



    When I went to pick up my money from them they tried to get me to keep my
    pre-order, but I do not do business with companies that lie to me. The lady I
    talked to at GameStop customer service said it was not GameStops fault. She
    said Microsoft was the one that said they would have a certain amount of Xbox
    360`s and then called back and said they would not have as many.

    If that is the case, MS is treating there distributors and there customers
    very crappy. Especially us die Hard Xbox gamers that have invested allot of
    money in you games and accessories.

    Right now, I do not know what I am going to do to get one on the launch date
    or if I should even buy one.



    Gamertag: X Warlord

    X Warlord, Nov 19, 2005
  4. Here's what I would do in your situation: Go to my parents medicine cabinet
    and find any bottle labeled Xanax or Valium or Prozac. However many it says
    to take per dose, double that and take them immediately, washing them down
    with a non-caffeinated beverage of choice, alcoholic preferably. Repeat
    every 4 hours. Once I got my mind off of Xbox 360 I would then spend some
    time on my homework, family, girlfriend etc, whatever is being neglected.

    Jeff Kingsley, Nov 19, 2005
  5. T1J

    Cat F Guest

    Seems a bit harsh Jeff.

    Why don't you try being a *reponsible* adult instead of taking your venom
    out on the first kid who comes along?

    MS have engineered a consumer frenzy over XBox 360, and they have done it
    *very* well. If you are pissed at this strategy try taking it out on MS
    instead of Warlord?
    Cat F, Nov 21, 2005
  6. FWIW, I and several of my associates suffered similar handling by GameStop
    and are taking the same line of action. Shortly after the late summer
    announcement of XBox 360 pricing I visited several establishments and
    inquired as to the status of their pre-orders. After a lengthy discussion
    with GameStop, I decided to pre-order my unit from them. The GameStop
    manager assured me that I would receive a unit on the release date.

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when the rumors of shortages started
    circulating. I called and could not get an straight answer - the person on
    the phone refused to even discuss the status of my order. A visit and
    face-to-face discussion with the manager resulted in being told that I
    wasn't in the "1st Shipment group" and would probably not receive a unit on
    the first day. Until this point, no one had ever mentioned "shipment
    groups" or even the possibility that I would not get my unit on the release
    date - and to reiterate a point - I had specifically asked this question
    when pre-ordering. To add insult to injury a GameStop pre-recorded message
    called to my house last Thursday and informed me that I would not receive a
    unit until after the holidays.

    I belong to a local Xbox gaming community. Just about everyone pre-ordered
    their Xbox 360 right after the pricing information was released. Those
    folks who managed to find another organization willing to take a pre-order
    (online and local) are receiving their units.

    What this looks like is that GameStop took pre-orders long before the
    pricing or release date were announced and long before they had any idea how
    many units they would actually receive. They also appear to have a policy
    of misleading their customers as to what a "pre-order" actually constitutes.
    Other establishments appear to have taken a much more responsible approach
    and only allowed pre-orders on goods they knew they were getting.

    As a customer the only power we have is to vote with our dollars. I'm


    PS. I don't need a valium - nor do I need to calm down. I'm just an old
    man that has always been an early adopter and hates to wait in lines. I take
    comfort in knowing that companies like GameStop that mistreat their loyal
    customers don't make it. I'll get an Xbox 360 sometime this holiday season,
    just not from these losers.
    Tye Blackburn, Nov 21, 2005
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