XP 64 freezes shortly after "loading preferences"

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Techead, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Techead

    Techead Guest

    I'm trying to confirm that my ultra-mega Win-XP 64-bit PC;

    1. GigaByte 955-Royale 64-bit motherboard
    2. 3.24 GHz 64-bit Intel dual-core Pentium-D
    3. Maxtor 300 Gb SATA hard drive
    4. 1 Gb Kingston DDR RAM stick
    5. ATI XL-800 64-bit AGP card
    6. 27" Viewsonic HDTV monitor
    7. Logitech Optical / Cordless mouse / keyboard
    8. Logitech 280-watt 5.1 Dolby THX (OK, now I'm just bragging!)

    has a virus-related problem and is not suffering from a hardware-related
    failure. The system has been running fine since its birth in mid-July 2005.
    The PC freezes after I boot-up Win-XP 64-bit; a few seconds after my apps
    (Avast 64-bit AV, MS-Outlook 2003, etc.) begin to pre-load. I tried to repair
    Windows with the CD, but the installation's repair process freezes-up during
    the portion that says "Windows will finish installing in 37 minutes."

    I ran check CHKDSK /R (twice) from the CD's recovery console: All was well.
    I figured if there was a memory (stick) issue, it might have been reported. I
    also figured, if the memory-stick was defective, the PC would have froze
    during the 90-120 minute CHKDSK /R process; but it didn't.

    Based upon those observations, I'm thinking a stinking virus(that Avast
    didn't catch)!!!

    The ultimate question is; "Where is the 64-bit bootable CD that scans my
    BIOS and hard drive without my potentially corrupt Win-XP 64-bit OS being
    booted??? After-all; isn't that the most effective way to scan; without the
    primary (potentially infected) OS being booted???

    If this is not (yet) an FAQ, I'm sure it soon will be!!!

    I'd like to hear your thoughts (and reccomendations).

    Meanwhile, I'll be trying "system restore" after I read the few articles
    written about some of the caveats.


    Barry Peters
    Techead, Dec 25, 2005
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  2. I hardly think it's a virus - at least let's not assume that until going
    through an exhaustive investigation. First, nothing in the booting process
    or the standard OS util's can uncover faulty memory, unless it is completely
    broken, CHKDSK is fine for doing that - 'checking the disk' - nothing much

    If you trust your PSU, I would start off by lifting the box onto a well lit
    table and gently and systematically pulling all cards and cables and
    connectors and re-seating them carefully, do this with the memory also, and
    you might take the opportunity to re-seat those in the opposit fashion, that
    is, switch them in their banks!

    When everything is done to your satisfaction you should boot and enter the
    BIOS setup and reset it to the safe setting, they almost all have such a
    setting but they may be called different names.

    There is so many possibilities to your problem, this simple method should at
    least eliminate a bunch of them, report back and we will all be a lot wiser.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, Dec 25, 2005
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  3. Techead

    Randy Guest

    You might give Bart's PE Builder a try (http://nu2.nu) if you have another
    system ohn which to create it. I've tried other similar bootable virus
    scanners, but most failed with a SATA boot drive.
    Randy, Dec 28, 2005
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