XP 64 Slow browsing

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by _Mark_, May 30, 2005.

  1. _Mark_

    _Mark_ Guest

    Have XP64 installed with all the drivers, and while all works browsing is
    terribly slow compared to the XP Home. I have used the 32 and 64 bit version
    under XP 64 and both are real slow. The XP Home works very nice. At a
    _Mark_, May 30, 2005
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  2. You are talking about a web browser right? Possibly something to do with
    your ISP.
    Andre Da Costa, May 31, 2005
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  3. _Mark_

    _Mark_ Guest

    Yep WEB browser. Really dont know. Like I said Windows XP Home, works very
    fast on cable..
    _Mark_, May 31, 2005
  4. Create another user account and see if the same problem is happening under
    there too.
    Andre Da Costa, May 31, 2005
  5. _Mark_

    _Mark_ Guest

    Ill give it a try and report back..

    _Mark_, May 31, 2005
  6. _Mark_

    russ_will Guest

    this happens to me sometimes using the 64bit browser , but other times it is
    as fast as the 32bit browser
    russ_will, May 31, 2005
  7. _Mark_

    _Mark_ Guest

    Made another login, yet problem persist. Might just wait till this weekend
    and reinstall. Really dont know what else to do...
    _Mark_, May 31, 2005
  8. This is just as a result of lack of support for 64-bit IE, this change over
    time anyway.
    Andre Da Costa, May 31, 2005
  9. _Mark_

    Rick Guest

    What is your hardware configuration?

    There is a known problem with nVidia boards and the nVidia Firewall
    software causing slow interaction with the Internet in x64.

    Do you have a nVidia board?
    Rick, May 31, 2005
  10. _Mark_

    _Mark_ Guest

    Dont have the firewall installed.
    K8N motherboard 1.5 memory installed
    2-WD 120 SATA drives
    _Mark_, May 31, 2005
  11. Rafael Rivera [Extended64.com], May 31, 2005
  12. _Mark_

    russ_will Guest

    i was getting this even before i installed the nvidia firewall
    russ_will, May 31, 2005
  13. _Mark_

    Rune Moberg Guest

    Slow in what way?

    If you download a large (>10MB) file, do you get full transfer speed?

    Is the graphics driver a generic one? (A generic driver would be noticably
    slow processing even a "DIR" in a command line window) Try updating the
    driver and make sure acceleration is set to full speed under Troubleshooting
    (Display properties -> Advanced).
    Rune Moberg, May 31, 2005
  14. Hmmmmm... there are different versions? How do I get to each one and how do
    I tell which is which?

    Morituri-|-Max, May 31, 2005
  15. Arg, never mind my previous question.. figures that once I asked I would
    then pop up the start bar and have it stare me right in the face.. heh..
    never even noticed it in the 3 days since I installed the trial..

    Morituri-|-Max, May 31, 2005
  16. It happens to us all, don't worry. :)

    Andre Da Costa, May 31, 2005
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