XP CLIENTS PROFILE --- Keeping Old Profile After Domain Changed

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by LES, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. LES

    LES Guest

    Dear All,

    We just had our domain changed from .com to .net on WSVR2K3. When the user
    on the XP client machine logged in its local machine, this user found a
    brand new profile completely different from the old one.

    1. How can the local machine XP user access its old profile on the new
    domain as if the domain were never changed?
    2. If there is an answer, would that answer also cover Outlook, Display
    Setting, etc?

    We used the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, but it just didn't what we
    expected it would do. We thought this tool could export from one domain and
    import to the other domain and adapted every single thing. Well, it just
    can't. It is just like a regular backup only smarter.

    We try to manipulate the registry ProfileList to have the ProfileImagePath
    changed to the new profile created, well it didn't only mess up the display
    setting, it also made opening Outlook an error.

    What bothers me is that MS just released Windows Server 2003 that can allow
    a domain change easily, and MS looks pretty satisfied with the XP client.
    However, this sophisticated XP client seems not to respond interactively
    with the new ability of Server 2K3 on domain change. Hmmm...

    LES, Aug 24, 2003
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