XP HDD my docs permissions hell

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by wolf99, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. wolf99

    wolf99 Guest

    I have a xp HDD from my old laptop (which is dead) and have new vista

    got IDE to USB cable, and worked ok, but cant get proper full accesss
    to anything in the users folder, ie my music, my docs etc.

    I especially need the music and pics.

    Ive tried taking ownership but the changhes dont seem to popergate,
    changing permissions wont propergate without propergated ownerships
    all the files seem to be read only (the files not the folders, the
    readonly tick box has a square in it not a tick)
    If I try to change the read only status or copythe files, even as
    administrator with full ownership and controll I still get access denied
    error for the files

    I seem to have been able to change the permissions on one artist folder
    by muddling through a maze of properties windows but cant do this for
    every bottom level folder, ther would be hundreds!!

    also tried the windows easy transfer, but it wont let me tell it that
    the files I want to retrive are actually already on the attached

    aargghh. any help VERY much appreciated
    wolf99, Apr 12, 2009
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