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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Xylophone, May 16, 2007.

  1. Xylophone

    Xylophone Guest

    Read the following this morning. Can we rely on this not to move to Vista
    at this time?


    Home >> Operating Systems >> Consumer Windows XP Gets Another Life(Cycle)
    January 24, 2007 11:57 AM

    Consumer Windows XP Gets Another Life(Cycle)

    Joe Wilcox
    This morning, Microsoft extended Windows XP Home and Windows XP
    Center Edition to match the Pro version. It's a good move.

    Under the revised life-cycle guidelines, Windows XP Home and Media Center
    support will end on the second Tuesday in April 2009, and extended support
    will end five years later. The latter five years is significant. Microsoft
    doesn't typically offer extended support for consumer products.

    Previously, Microsoft said that Windows XP Home and Media Center
    support would end two years after the release of Windows Vista, which is
    next Tuesday. This two-year date had extended previous support. Microsoft
    lists general availability of Windows XP as Dec. 31, 2001. Mainstream
    support should have ended five years later, or the last day of 2006.
    Microsoft's stated availability for Media Center was Oct. 28, 2002.

    Microsoft has extended support for other products, such as Windows NT or
    Windows 98, because of product delays and Windows usage patterns. Windows
    Vista was first projected for delivery in 2004 and then 2005. Release in
    2007 already puts Windows XP well beyond the typical five-year mainstream
    support period.

    Support extension for the consumer versions is the right thing for
    to do. By extending support, Microsoft ensures that consumers will
    to receive ongoing security updates, which is essential to protecting
    computers from Internet marauders.

    The extension also tacitly acknowledges Windows XP's worth as a product.
    reason Microsoft could take so long releasing Windows Vista is because XP
    worked as a platform that developers could extend and add value to. Sure,
    security isn't as robust as Vista, but neither were the kinds of malicious
    attacks in 2001 compared with today.

    The point: Windows XP is going to remain a viable operating system for
    time. Consumers will continue their pattern of buying a new PC and handing
    down the old one for use elsewhere in the home. The old PC will run
    XP instead of Windows 98, 98 SE or Me.

    My question: Who will be running Windows XP in 2014? A couple months back,
    talked operating systems with a teenager at the local GameStop. He asked
    about Windows Vista. The teen said that he preferred Windows 95, over 98,
    Me, 2000 or XP. I found that surprising and told him so. He praised the
    interface and simplicity of the operating system--and I had to admit that
    Windows has gotten a whole lot more complicated over the years.

    I would be interested if any readers still run Windows 95 or NT at home or
    at work. Please post a comment and tell everyone what about these older
    Windows versions appeals to you. I suspect that for some businesses,
    application compatibility would be one reason for keeping NT going--even
    though Microsoft no longer offers support. /End

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    Xylophone, May 16, 2007
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  2. Jupiter Jones [MVP], May 16, 2007
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  3. Xylophone

    Xylophone Guest

    Thanks. You are an MVP and you say 'several years' That is not what, in
    understanding, MS are saying here:


    or here:


    Please comment

    The point that concerns me is that some people say this, some people say
    that, even that a XP SP3 is rumoured.

    With respect, what is the truth of the matter?. Is it several years as
    say or until 2014? Or am I missing something here?.

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    Xylophone, May 16, 2007
  4. "several years", in this case, it is about 7 years, and to me that is
    several years.

    SP-3 is more than a rumor:
    This is not a promise or guarantee by Microsoft that there will be a
    Service Pack 3, but it is also more than a rumor.
    The expected date has already slipped a few times, but that really
    means nothing.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], May 16, 2007
  5. Xylophone

    Xylophone Guest

    The English language is a wonderful thing!

    So 2014 for XP Home is it??

    And SP3 is a real possibility?? But I suppose that it would have to be,
    given 7 years more life to XP.

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    Xylophone, May 16, 2007
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