XP laptop clients keep going offline?

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Cameron., Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Cameron.

    Cameron. Guest

    Hi there, hoping for some direction/help if possible.

    We have a 2003 domain with about 16 2003 server located at various branches
    around the State. All clients are XP Pro (SP1) and all server are 2003 (no

    Problem is that often my XP laptop clients keep going offline for no reason.
    They retain network conectivity yet come up as "your computer is offline"

    The reason I think it's DFS is that all our drives, including home drives,
    are mapped to the DFS structure.

    Weird thing is that desktop users do not get this problem, only laptops.
    Laptops are in a seperate OU but I don't think there is a GPO related to this

    Does anyone have any leads for me?
    Cameron., Oct 23, 2005
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