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Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by r-admin, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. r-admin

    r-admin Guest

    I'm trying to Install an Open License copy of Windows XP on VPC, but it does
    not read the disk. I ran into the same problem with VMWare's VM Server.
    According to them it is not supported by VM Sever, so I'm assuming that it is
    not suported by VPC as well. My question is, (If I'm correct in my
    assumption) why would open license versions of XP not be suported by a VM
    program? And, (if I'm wrong) how could I possibly get around this problem.
    r-admin, Jun 29, 2007
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  2. r-admin

    Steve Jain Guest

    As long as you have bootable media, VPC will allow you to install. There's
    no source checking code in VPC that will determine what you're installing.

    First, make sure that the media is bootable. If it's a DVD, make sure
    you're using VPC 2007, not VPC 2004. You could also try creating an ISO
    image of the CD and mounting that instead of using the physical media.
    Steve Jain, Jun 30, 2007
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