XP PCs can't Talk to Vista Home Premium PC

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by BOWDOC, Apr 8, 2007.


    BOWDOC Guest

    I have 3 PCs on my home network, 2 wired and 1 Wireless (1) Dell Desktop with
    newly upgraded Vista Home Premium and (2) an IBM Lenovo Laptop with XP Pro
    and an (3) IBM XP desktop. Before

    my Vista Home Premium upgrade, (using my XP home network) all files, folders
    and drives were totally accessible from any of the 3 PCs. Since the upgrade
    to Vista Home

    Premium on the Dell Desktop, I can access all drives, files and folders from
    the DellDesktop (with Vista Home Premium OS) , but I can not access the
    DellDesktop (with Vista

    Home Premium) from my other 2 PCs running Win XP (#2 PC with XP Pro and #3
    PC with XP Home Edition). I am able to successfully ping the DellDesktop from
    PCs #2 and #3

    but cannot access any Drives, Folders from the Vista Home Premium
    DellDesktop. Any suggestions for a resolve would be appreciated. Thanks in
    BOWDOC, Apr 8, 2007
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    Keith D Guest


    Couple of points

    1] any third party firewalls??? they are causing plenty hassle with this

    1] try this as its free its sorted many a network problem on this group


    you will need to install it and run in all computers you have there

    as its free for 30 days must be worth giving it a whirl

    cheers for now

    Keith D.
    Keith D, Apr 8, 2007
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    Fred Guest

    I have a similar problem... I now have 3 computers on a wireless home
    network. The 2 older ones still work just fine on XP - sharing files and
    printers. They can 'see' my new Toshiba, but when I try to access it, I get
    an error saying it's "Not accessible - network path was not found" The new
    Toshiba, on the other hand, can not see them at all. The toshiba only sees
    itself in the workgroup. I have tried almost every combination I can think
    of to to avail. Suggestions?

    Interesting: I called Toshiba help line - they tell me its a vista problem
    so I have to call microsoft. I call microsoft, they tell me since it came
    preinstalled in my laptop they will not help - I have to call toshiba. I
    call toshiba, they then say because its a home network issue they can not
    help. With my other two HP laptops, I have had no end of great service -
    problem solving online, etc. What a mistake it was trying another make.
    Oh, Lord of HP, I am sorry!
    Fred, Apr 9, 2007

    BOWDOC Guest

    I was having diffficulty getting access to my Vista PC from my XP PCs. Per
    the suggestions on this forum, I reviewed, downloaded and then installed the
    free trial download of Network Magic located at
    http://www.networkmagic.com/product/ and all my Networking Problems with
    mixed Vista and XP PCs were able to be resolved and my mixed network
    consisting of Vista and XP PCs all work together now and are accessible. I
    then ordered the Network Magic software from Amazon for $26.95. Thanks for
    the suggestions...they worked and resolved my problems.
    BOWDOC, Apr 9, 2007
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