XP Pro auto restarts on shutdown

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Hockleyman, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Hockleyman

    Hockleyman Guest

    Recently purchased a new desk top, with XP Pro... machine auto restarts a few
    seconds after I shut it down. I have unchecked the automatically restart in
    start and recovery section of advanced system settings, but no change. Any
    ideas please.
    Hockleyman, Dec 16, 2007
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  2. Hockleyman

    R. C. White Guest

    Hi, Hockleyman.

    This question used to come up a lot in the XP newsgroups (not necessarily
    64-bit; you DO realize that you've posted into a newsgroup dedicated to
    64-bit Windows, right?), but I haven't seen it in a while. Try this website
    for lots of ideas and possible solutions:


    R. C. White, CPA
    San Marcos, TX

    Microsoft Windows MVP
    (Running Windows Live Mail 2008 in Vista Ultimate x64)
    R. C. White, Dec 17, 2007
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