XP PRO x64 on Pentium III

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Cody, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Cody

    Cody Guest

    Is XP Pro x64 compatible with a Pentium III processor?
    Cody, Feb 3, 2006
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  2. no. XP Pro x64 requires a 64-bit processor
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Feb 3, 2006
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  3. I don't think he's a hobbyist Jud. :)
    Andre Da Costa, Feb 3, 2006

  4. Thanks. brightened up my afternoon...... :)
    Mark Gillespie, Feb 3, 2006
  5. Cody

    Larry Hodges Guest

    What if I want a dual CPU system from a PIII on a single CPU mobo?
    Larry Hodges, Feb 3, 2006
  6. Cody

    Arnie Guest

    What a creative solution for using old processor chips! Can I
    make a 128 bit CPU out of four old P3's I have lying around?
    Does it matter if they have different clock speeds? What about a
    256 bit graphics adapter?


    - Arnie
    Arnie, Feb 3, 2006
  7. Cody

    Bill Guest

    Could someone please provide DIY instructions for modifying a TRS-80 L2
    Basic to run x64? I have one laying around that still works. Any idea if
    Pong, WordStar, and VisiCalc will be ported to x64? What modifications will
    have to be made to the cassette drive?

    Bill, Feb 4, 2006
  8. Cody

    Mike M Guest

    This begs the question, do two IBM PS/1's equal one PS/2?
    Mike M, Feb 4, 2006
  9. No, 4
    Andre Da Costa, Feb 4, 2006
  10. Cody

    Mike M Guest


    That means I can run WinXP 64bit on it! Cool! Thanks!!!

    "Andre Da Costa" <> wrote in> No, 4
    Mike M, Feb 4, 2006
  11. you'll have to special order XPx64 on cassette tape.

    BerkHolz, Steven, Feb 4, 2006
  12. Cody

    Bill Guest

    Is that the "Tarbell" format tape.

    Bill, Feb 4, 2006
  13. I have a 64bit cpu but only a 32bit windows, can i double my ram by
    modifying the processor to run in some kind of dual-core mode, each working
    at only 32bit? :D
    Ralf Glauberman, Feb 4, 2006
  14. Cody

    Larry Hodges Guest

    Only if you learn to attribute correctly. And why does everybody here top
    Larry Hodges, Feb 5, 2006
  15. Folks top post here because that appears to be the preferred style of those
    who spend the most time here. Given that it's one of those things that you
    will NEVER get folks to agree on, I don't pay much attention one way or

    What I find is that folks who spend a lot of time on a a newsgroup, and
    follow the threads, tend to be top posters. Since they've already read the
    threads earlier, but recently, they tend to prefer seeing what's new right
    at the top, rather than having to scroll down to it. It's also the case that
    OE (the most common NNTP reader on this newsgroup) defaults to top posting.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Feb 5, 2006
  16. Cody

    Bill Guest

    And invisible top posting above. If you shine a black light on the screen,
    you will see the message.

    Bill, Feb 5, 2006
  17. What's wrong with you? I just tried to adjust, as you may have noticed this
    newsgroup is in den microsoft.* hirarchy and around here users tend to
    top-post. If you can't stand that, go find another group.
    Ralf Glauberman, Feb 5, 2006
  18. Cody

    Bill Guest

    I guess top posting is some sort of Network Sin.
    God forbid someone post in HTML you would have a real fit then.
    Bill, Feb 5, 2006
  19. Cody

    Larry Hodges Guest

    I could care less about top posting vs. bottom or inter posting. I adapt to
    the respective ng. But only a noob would fail to attribute. And since you
    have no idea what I'm talking about, attribute is to include the text to
    which you are responding. But carry on with looking stupid. It matters not
    to me how much of a noob you appear to be to everybody who reads your posts.

    Now, if YOU can't handle that, take a wambulance to another ng.
    Larry Hodges, Feb 5, 2006
  20. Cody

    Rob Stow Guest

    That is simply quoting. Attributing is properly identifying the
    author of the quoted material.
    Rob Stow, Feb 5, 2006
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