XP Pro x64 OS Compatible Software

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Rod K, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Looking for Internet Security & System Maintence sftware compatible with the
    x64 OS. Picked up some suggestons from threads re:Internet Security. However,
    since need suggestions concerning System Maintenance software - formerly used
    Norton SystemWorks. (This may appear to be duplicate post - posted to wrong
    group previously)
    Rod K, Feb 1, 2006
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  2. Here are some recommendations made by "Rick"
    You currently have a choice of three;

    Diskeeper Pro & Premier 10
    O&O Defrag
    PerfectDisk 7

    All three have Win x64 versions.
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Feb 1, 2006
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  3. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Thanks - orderded Diskeeper Pro 10 but I'm thinking it's for HD Maint only.
    Still looking for a "do all" suite that can diagnose some problems, clean up
    registry, etc. like my SystemWorks used to do. Perhaps the support just isn't
    out there yet for the 64 bit system.

    Thanks for your help,
    Rod K, Feb 2, 2006
  4. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Okay -Got eTrust AV 7.1 OEM and tried to install. Got through the Licence
    Agreement Page, Selct Components to Intsall Page, and Location to Install to
    Page - then got error message:

    "Windows installer can't locate install package or install package not valid"

    Since it's OEM software, I'm kind of an orphan - submitted problem to CA on
    their support website but haven't heard back. Anybody got any ideas (Il ooked
    at their Knowledge Base but didn't see anything that would help.
    Got my Diskeeper 10 Pro in mail today and will try to install tonite. It's
    full retail package so it will probaly go alright.
    Rod K, Feb 3, 2006
  5. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Just found from "readme.txt" after failed installation of Diskeeper 10 Pro
    that it not compatible with XP Pro x64 - you need Diskeeper Pro Premier.

    I read Andre's post as 10 Pro AND Premier were compatible !

    So now, counting System Suite 6,Pcillin Internet Security, eTtrust AV 7.1
    OEM, and Diskeeper 10 Pro, I'm out > $100 and still no Anti-Viru or Utility
    on my system. Looks like I'll end up spending another $150 to get full
    packages that I THINK are going to work !

    Has anyone else out there ended up feeling as fustrated and stupid as I feel ?
    Rod K, Feb 4, 2006
  6. Rod K

    Rick Guest

    DisKeeper Pro version 10 is now compatible. An update was released
    about 2 weeks later. There were enough complaints to DisKeeper that
    they updated it. If your copy doesn't work, contact them and asked for
    the Win x64 edition. I have it installed and running on Win x64.
    Rick, Feb 4, 2006
  7. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    You're Right - It says as much on their website. I submitted a request for an
    update to software - since it's a full package and registered, I should get a
    quick response.

    However my eTrust AV 7.1 OEM is another story. The vendor has been trying to
    help but he wasn't aware it supported the x64 edition. Still haven't got a
    response from Computer Associates - I think OEM software owners are treated
    like orphans anyway so it doesn't surprise me.

    Thanks for all your help,
    Rod K, Feb 4, 2006
  8. Rod K

    John Barnes Guest

    The original release of this version did not support x64, which was added
    later. If you bought a CD from a vendor you may well have the pre-support
    release. I hope you will report back as to whether they cooperate with you
    in replacing it with a x64 compatible version. Good luck.
    John Barnes, Feb 4, 2006
  9. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Update on the situation:

    CA sent me back to my vendor of the OEM AV 7.1 - However, after gentle
    prodding by my vendor and myself, CA sent me a link to download updated
    program. It's installed and works fine (although not as intuitive as I'd like

    As for the Diskeeper publisher, I haven't heard back from them even though
    I've registered the software and it's a full retail package (obviously issued
    pre-patch). It's been almost a week and will submit another support request
    this weekend.
    Rod K, Feb 10, 2006
  10. Rod K

    John Barnes Guest

    Thanks. You would think they would use a different version number so you
    could tell which you had before trying to install it. Glad you were able to
    get it resolved.
    John Barnes, Feb 11, 2006
  11. Rod K

    Rod K Guest

    Another week gone by and no help from Diskeeper other than an email saying
    there's a delay delivering my support request message - will try contacting
    vendor to see if they can do anything.
    Rod K, Feb 18, 2006
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