XP pro x64 system crashing -- PLEASE HELP!!! UPDATE

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by NYTELTECH, May 9, 2007.



    Sorry for reposting, but my joy was short-lived. This morning, while I was
    working, my PC crashed again... FFW to this evening, and now 2AM...
    I have read and done everything suggested, but my problem did not go away.
    I was still plagued by stop errors of various kinds. I tried to look up some
    more info with my company laptop, and low-and-behold, IT CRASHED!!!!! first
    time in 6 months, brand new unit - IBM T60 Lenovo. Anyway, that got me
    thinking, so I disconnected my router and cable modem from my home PC, and
    guess what.........
    NO MORE ERRORS! Did I accidentally stumble on something here? Is there a
    way for cable modems to be infected with viruses? I know this is irrelevant
    to this forum, but if anyone knows the answer, I would appreciate it. In any
    case, I am going to replace my m odem tomorrow, and repost to let everyone
    know what happened.
    NYTELTECH, May 9, 2007
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  2. Howdy
    My PC tended to simply freeze (no blue screen...nada); Deleted expletives +
    Task Manager yielded best results (UNJAM) for me. I learned the benefits
    of System Manager (error log) when I homed in on CORRUPTED DATA as my likely
    error source. What corrupts data? excess processor temp? ventilation fans?
    how's BER grab ya... my PC's BER is 2ppb, I think that means every 1 billion
    (giga) excursions of my PC, I can expect > 2 errors. My ATHLON 64 fitted ( 2
    GHz) PC accumulates mucho excursions, so I CLEAN REBOOT and/or CREATE RESTORE
    POINTS before any reconfiguration or every 8 hours , whichever. Too exotic?
    it works for me.
    Enough of this.
    onlyprimetimepete, May 9, 2007
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  3. This happened to me on 2 desktop computer running a wireless B card. I also
    thought it was a virus or somthing, but as soon as I disconnected the
    antennas from the wireless NICs, no more BSoD. Make a note of what the error
    says. (under advanced >system properties>Startup and recovery> remove auto
    restart. so you can view the error). My fix was to buy a new wireless G card.
    If it''''s not broke, don''''t fix it, May 9, 2007


    THX for the feedback guys. Replaced my modem this afternoon, and POOF! NO
    more BSOD!!
    NYTELTECH, May 10, 2007
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