XP Security Policy issue with Remote Login

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by Dave Leonardi, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Good Evening,

    I had a question regarding an issue that I recently came across and
    pardon the length of this explanation. I added an XP Pro machine to our
    domain and soon thereafter received an error when trying to login with
    remote desktop to the machine. As I tried to login the remote PC with the
    user name I received the following error message "Local policy does not
    permit you to log on interactively". I checked in the default domain
    controller GPO for "Allow Logon Locally", but domain users group is already
    added, which by the way this user is a member of. I also checked "Deny Logon
    Locally" and nothing is configured.(Should it be defined with no users or
    not defined at all? The users that are having problems are part of domain
    users group, unlike myself which am part of the administrators group and
    logon fine remotely.
    The problem only occurs when I am trying to login remotely using remote
    desktop as a domain user. I also can logon fine when physically sitting
    behind the machine, whether as user or admin. I am afraid that maybe
    settings might have been changed in security/ user rights section of the
    Default DC GPO and are not set correctly. I appreciate it if someone could
    propose a possible solution, such as whether the authenticated users,
    everyone, etc should be added and where to the group policy settings Log On
    Locally settings. Thank you for your time.

    We are running 2003 servers (2 Domain Controllers) and XP Pro/2000 Pro

    Dave Leonardi
    Dave Leonardi, Jun 17, 2004
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