XP SP2 updates for March & April 2005?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by tata, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. tata

    tata Guest

    Running Windows XP Home Edition with SP2.
    Internet Explorer 6.00.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158 Update Version SP2
    Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180(xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)

    Let Automatic Updates run about 15 days ago.

    Automatic updates is locked with download icon coming on intermittently,
    Outlook Express will not download emails and Windows Update is not
    Have tried downloading updates manual but can't find a comprehensive list of
    what I need to install from March & April 2005 anywhere on Microsoft website,
    it only list popular downloads!

    Can anyone help?
    tata, Apr 27, 2005
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    RE: XP SP2 updates for March & April 200, Apr 27, 2005
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  3. "tata"

    Download the following piece of software and run it. Do not worry about the
    result, which will be a cab file, with a collection of your logs. I am
    specifically interested in a tool I'd like you to run. Here's how:


    1. Download this file, and save it to a directory you will remember.
    2. Once the file has downloaded, either click Open on the Download dialog box or
    go into the directory you saved the file to, and execute MPSRTP_SUS.EXE.
    3. Agree to the prompts you are given and let it run. Ignore it after this.
    4. Click Start
    5. Click Run
    6. Type: cmd <Enter>
    7. When the Command Prompt opens, verify that QuickEdit is functional.
    a. On the "menu bar" of the Command Prompt, right-click on the bar and click
    b. When the Properties window opens, click on the Options tab
    c. In the Edit Options window, verify that the QuickEdit is checked. If
    not, check it.
    d. Click OK
    e. Choose "Modify the shortcut that started this window" or "Save properties
    for future windows with same title." and then click OK
    8. Back in the Command Prompt, type or copy and paste the following (minus the
    <Enter>, which you will just press): %SystemDrive% <Enter>
    9. Type or copy and paste the following: cd %windir%MPSReports\msus\bin <Enter>
    This will take you to the right directory.
    10. Once in this directory, copy and paste the following: BITSADMIN /LIST
    Were there any jobs listed?
    11. Next, copy and paste the following: BITSADMIN /RESET
    12. Type: exit <Enter> This will close the Command Prompt window.
    13. Close all Internet browser windows.
    14. Open one Internet Explorer window.
    15. Click Tools
    16. Click Windows Update
    17. See if the updates are listed again.
    18. Try to install just one update, instead of a group of them, by unchecking
    the other updates.
    19. Click Install
    20. Reply back to this posting and let us know how this goes.
    21. Eventually, at some point, the collection of logs will complete and a new
    window will popup showing a CAB file. Close this window.


    Pat Walters [MSFT]

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use
    of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at
    Pat Walters [MSFT], Apr 28, 2005
  4. tata

    tata Guest

    Sorted it buy doing a system restore back to 8 March 2005.

    tata, May 1, 2005
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