XP SP3 updated 3 virtual machines

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by Bill, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I had 3 virtual machines, XP SP2, XP SP2 with Dot Net and a copy of XP SP2
    with Dot Net called XP SP3 with Dot Net. I started XP SP3 with Dot Net and
    applied XP SP3. All 3 machines now have XP SP3. I'm a developer and need the
    various versions for trouble shooting. Why did this happen?
    Bill, Jul 22, 2008
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  2. Bill

    Robert Comer Guest

    It's really hard to tell given just that information. How are the
    disks set up for each VM, are you using differencing disks and is the
    parent read only, or does one of the VM's use the parent directly? (it

    Could Windows update have updated the other VM's?
    Robert Comer, Jul 22, 2008
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  3. You say that installing one VM with SP3 has mysteriously updated the other 2
    VMs to SP3? I cannot imagine how such a thing is possible... Each VM is a
    stand alone machine.


    Daniel Petri
    MVP, Senior IT consultant, trainer
    Daniel Petri \(MVP\), Jul 22, 2008
  4. Bill

    Bill Guest

    What I did originally was to configure a VM with Windows XP Pro SP2. Then I
    copied that folder and renamed it to XP Pro SP2 with Dot Net and added a new
    existing VM and installed Dot Net 2.0. I did this for the 3rd machine only
    named SP3 and installed SP3. The 3rd machine lost Dot Net 2.0 and all 3
    machines became SP3.
    I'm hoping that it hasn't hit my host machine.
    Bill, Jul 22, 2008

  5. However it may have happened, you can uninstall SP3 from whichever vms you
    need to. If any of the vms were running in the background then they might
    have been automatically updated by WU if the settings for WU permit that,
    but upgrading to SP3 is a fairly noticeable process. Be sure to reinstall
    the virtual machine additions in the vms you leave upgraded to SP3 if you
    are using VPC SP1.
    Colin Barnhorst, Jul 22, 2008
  6. Bill

    Bill Guest

    OK, here is what I did today. I ran XP SP2 and did a system restore to a
    previous date and it removed SP3 from that PC AND ALL THE OTHER ONES!
    Here is the structure of my VM folder:
    Folder PATH listing
    Volume serial number is 00630061 6CB0:E9A5
    | Windows2000 Hard Disk.vhd
    | Windows2000.vmc
    +---XP Pro SP2
    | EmptyHard Disk.vhd
    | XP Pro SP2 Hard Disk.vhd
    | XP Pro SP2.vmc
    +---XP Pro SP2 with Dot Net
    | EmptyHard Disk.vhd
    | XP Pro SP2 wit Dot Net.vmc
    | XP Pro SP2 with Dot Net Hard Disk.vhd
    \---XP Pro SP3 with Dot Net
    EmptyHard Disk.vhd
    XP Pro SP3 wit Dot Net.vmc
    XP Pro SP3 with Dot Net Hard Disk.vhd
    Bill, Jul 22, 2008
  7. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I think I found the problem. You can copy the folders and rename them and add
    them to the VPC Console. But then you have to go in and change the hard disk
    settings and create a different drive. I didn't do this.
    Bill, Jul 22, 2008
  8. Bill

    Robert Comer Guest

    It really sounds like you're using the same VHD for all the VMs, check
    the name and path in the configuration of each VM to make sure it's
    using the vhd's you think it is.

    As for your host, make sure Windows update is set to not run if you
    want to make sure SP3 doesn't get installed.
    Robert Comer, Jul 22, 2008
  9. Bill

    Robert Comer Guest

    Cool, glad you found it.

    Bob Comer

    Robert Comer, Jul 22, 2008
  10. Bill:

    I think the .vmc has both absolute paths and relative paths for the associated
    ..vhd's. If it cannot find them using the absolute path, then it uses the
    relative path. In your case, it found the vhd's using the absolute path, which
    is not what you wanted.

    It would be better, IMHO, if it warned you when the absolute and relative paths
    were inconsistent.
    David Wilkinson, Jul 22, 2008
  11. Bill

    Bo Berglund Guest

    You cannot do it in that way!
    What has hit you is that you copied the vmc file from the original
    install and this file contains among other things the full path to the
    vhd file. So even though you have copied everything to a new folder
    you are in reality running the *same* virtual machine from all three
    vmc files!!!

    The proper way to make a *copy* for testing is this:
    - Make a new folder for the copy
    - Copy the vhd file(s) over to this folder from the original
    - Use the VPC Wizard to create a new machine and point it to the
    copied vhd file whan asked for the virtual disk

    Now you have a new machine with its own hard disk (the vhd file) and
    its own MAC address for the network. If you copy like you did you will
    have the *same* disk and the *same* MAC address which will screw up
    the networking too...

    Alternately in your situation:

    Start with making the vhd file of the original install readonly
    Then create differencing disks from this original. (File/Virtual Disk
    Finally create a new virtual machine and point it to the differencing
    disk rather than the copied vhd as above.

    This saves space on the host disk drive because the original will be
    used for all copies without changing anything on the original.
    Bo Berglund, Jul 22, 2008
  12. Bill

    PanHandler Guest

    How 'bout turning off the HTML and learning to bottom post.
    PanHandler, Jul 22, 2008
  13. Whining about top posting laughed at.

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    George Orwell, Jul 22, 2008
  14. Bill

    PanHandler Guest

    So you also think you're among the cognoscenti but you choose to ignore
    common courtesy. You're among the ones to be laughed at.
    PanHandler, Jul 23, 2008
  15. Says the group asshole.

    Anonymous Remailer (austria), Jul 23, 2008
  16. Yawn.

    Non scrivetemi, Jul 23, 2008
  17. Bill

    PanHandler Guest

    YES! Open wide!
    PanHandler, Jul 23, 2008
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