XP SP3's svchost.exe process hogging lately?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Ant, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Ant

    Ant Guest


    Has anyone noticed Windows XP SP3's svchost.exe is hogging CPU a lot for
    MS updates with its automatic update checker? I noticed this today and
    yesterday to get the latest updates that came out on Tuesday.

    Thank you in advance. :)
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    Ant, Jul 11, 2013
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  2. Ant

    Paul Guest

    OK, I ran a test here, and can reproduce your results.

    I have Windows Update on WinXP SP3, totally manual.

    I selected Window Update just now, winprvse runs first
    for a short time, and nothing bad happens. Then I notice
    a svchost goes to 50% (i.e. it's using one whole core of a dual core).

    I switch over to my packet sniffer, and I see [RST] responses
    in both directions, when interacting with the associated
    Microsoft nodes. As a result, my guess is the svchost
    stays in a tight loop, due to the inability to get a
    response from Microsoft.

    Once the networking problem clears (might have
    taken a minute or so), as soon as packets are again
    exchanged between my machine and the mother ship,
    the svchost drops to a low level again. Then I
    see in IE, the list of updates for this period.

    So if your svchost is still running flat out, check
    with your packet sniffer, for network problems.

    With the announcement of a Google outage today, someone
    else were remarking that more than Google was affected.
    For whatever that is worth.

    A check here, is showing no (big) problems currently.
    Many years ago, I used to check this on a regular
    basis, because it wasn't always "green all day".


    Paul, Jul 11, 2013
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  3. Ant

    Ant Guest

    Interesting. I am glad I am not alone. A co(lleague/worker) and I
    noticed it yesterday and the day before.
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    Ant, Jul 13, 2013
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