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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Bill H., Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    Have a small network consisting of one Win XP Media Center Ed. and one Vista
    home premium (and an Internet router). The Vista crashed and was restored
    to factory and apps reinstalled, etc. Each computer has dedicated IP
    address, and each runs a version of Norton Internet Security. They are in
    the same workgroup.

    Prior to the Vista problem, all was generall well. Now, the XP seems to
    lose network connectivity to the Vista computer when the computers are
    turned on in the morning. This is important for many reasons, including
    that the XP uses a printer attached to the Vista for most of the XP's
    printing needs.

    I have set up a user on Vista that matches the user on XP, and have set the
    NIS on Vista to allow all connections to the IP of the XP box. And all is
    well until that reboot. There may be more to that, but in the few days the
    rebuilt Vista has been up, that has been the story.

    I have been able to restore the connection by launching Network Places, and
    searching for the name of the Vista computer. It so far does not show up in
    the network view until I do a manual search using the computer name. Then
    when it comes up and I double-click on the Vista C: drive, I'm prompted for
    login info, which I give and then I get connected (why is this not
    automatically done for me?). I've also mapped a drive to the Vista and set
    that for "reconnect at login."

    Bill H., Apr 20, 2010
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  2. How long is the period between when the Vista computer is started and
    the XP computer? I notice with Vista it takes a short time after
    starting before the network connection is available, even with fixed IP
    addresses. You might try starting the Vista computer and waiting for
    the network connection icon to show that it is connected before starting
    the XP computer.
    Michael W Ryder, Apr 20, 2010
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  3. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    Probably not very long between computer starts. I am having them start the
    Vista first. And since they can get on the Internet on Vista right away, I
    presume that's the "network connection icon" in the systray you're talking
    about. And sometimes it's a very long time between starts as the person
    using the XP may not come in for hours after the Vista is started.


    Bill H., Apr 21, 2010
  4. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    Also, when I'm at the XP and go into network places and click on "view
    workgroup computers" I get a "<workgroup> is not accessible. You might not
    have permission to use this network resource." etc. Then, I click on search
    and am able to find the Vista computer. I double-click on the computer and
    am prompted for user ID and password.

    Why is this connection not being made automatically?? And why does it ask
    for userid and password?

    Bill H., Apr 21, 2010
  5. I am not sure what is happening here but I started seeing that behavior
    even with XP. My Vista computer connects to mapped drives on a Windows
    2000 workstation and a Windows 2003 server. The computer has no
    problems connecting to the workstation but I have to manually log in to
    the server whenever I reboot the computer. This happened also with XP
    Pro before I "upgraded" to Vista Business. One thing I noticed was that
    when I set up the connection I logged in as UserA and had it save the
    password. When it tried to log in the next time it had Computer/UserA
    for the username and obviously the server could not find that user. I
    haven't tried setting up a user Computer/UserA on the server to see if
    that would work but you might want to try it.
    Michael W Ryder, Apr 21, 2010
  6. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    I wonder...

    Are there settings in XP that control the login process? Is there a way,
    when they log into the XP computer, to also and automatically log into the
    Vista computer with the same userid/password?

    Bill H., Apr 22, 2010
  7. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    Hi, again.

    A couple of new issues on the XP computer. Now when I try to access
    properties of the networked printer, I get an error about "print spooler
    service not running." Yet, per admin, it IS running. I've even stopped and
    restarted it, and get the same msg when trying to access printer properties.
    IF I try to install a new printer, select local port, then select the
    networked computer's printer port as \\station1\printername, it says all is
    OK click finish, shows up as networked printer, yet printing a test pages
    fails immediately.

    Xp can see Vista hard drive right now, but Vista does not appear in network
    places (but can show up if I search to the computer name). Also, Vista C:
    drive is accessible, but the two attached printers (both shared) do not show
    up, and they should.

    So, any ideas? Their accountant has updated Quickbooks today on the XP,
    but I don't see where that could be an issue.

    Bill H., Apr 22, 2010
  8. Bill H.

    Bill H. Guest

    How would I do that? I've only got the two computers, no server.

    Bill H., Apr 27, 2010
  9. Bill H.

    robinson Guest

    Windows Vista has better look and feel than Windows XP.
    Windows Aero in Windows vista is totally a different look with 3D flip features, transparent.
    Windows Aero offers a sidebar which is transparent, in this sidebar you can place icons of your choice.
    Security is increased in Vista when compared to XP.
    XP has standard firewall but vista has both standard firewall and firewall with advanced features.
    this helps vista to act as a true firewall which scans the data bi-directionally i.e both incoming and outgoing data is scanned.

    Post Originated from http://www.VistaForums.com Vista Support Forums
    robinson, May 14, 2010
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