XP64 Ram disk

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Chas, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Chas

    Chas Guest

    I'm trying to get a ram disk working under XP64. Two hardware device drivers
    are supplied with XP64 ie "Windows RAM Disk Controller" and "Windows RAM
    Disk Device (Volume)"

    I've installed both of these but they don't seem to do anything. There is no
    documentation on these devices that I can find. If tried the info given in
    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/257405 and that doesn't work for me. Also
    the ramdisk from RAMDisk.tk does not install under XP64.

    Does anyone know how the built in windows devices actually work?

    Please dont tell me I dont need a ramdisk I want one - because its there?
    Chas, Sep 3, 2006
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  2. Chas

    Admiral Q Guest

    Of course the information provided in KB257405 doesn't work, those are
    32-bit device drivers, x64 OS's will only load 64-bit device drivers.
    Also, although not certain, the Windows RAM Disk Controller and Windows RAM
    Disk Device (Volume) items you are referencing are most likely in reference
    to RAM Disk Cards, that are pluged into a PCI or PCI-X slot that act like a
    real hard drive, although they have no moving parts as it uses RAM and a
    cell battery (similar to the CMOS battery) to retain information between
    power downs/reboots.
    Admiral Q, Sep 6, 2006
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