You cannot view enhanced metafile format graphics files (or EMF image files) that were created in Ad

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Scorpio3073, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Scorpio3073

    Scorpio3073 Guest

    Hi All
    We had apply the Hot Fix 835732 (Security patch) on windows 2000 server
    , After appying this patch , the application stopped displaying the EMF
    file in the Acrobat reader.

    After contacting Microsoft support , they send us the Hotfix 840997 ,
    but even after applying these fix , the application still does not
    display EMF files

    May be we have not installed this correctly , or may be this Fix does
    not work , Does any one have expereince the same problem , and if they
    have resolved it ?????????????

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated , since this is a
    problem is production and we have a unhappy customers.
    Dharmesh Vora
    Scorpio3073, Dec 13, 2004
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  2. Scorpio3073

    Craig Guest

    KB842092 updates the GDI32.dll
    ( )


    Windows XP
    Date Time Version Size File name
    12-May-2004 23:29 5.1.2600.1528 257,536 Gdi32.dll
    12-May-2004 23:29 5.1.2600.1515 36,864 Mf3216.dll


    Windows XP
    Date Time Version Size File name Service Pack
    26-Apr-2004 17:27 5.1.2600.148 241,664 Gdi32.dll None
    26-Apr-2004 17:27 5.1.2600.132 36,864 Mf3216.dll None
    24-Apr-2004 03:03 5.1.2600.1518 257,536 Gdi32.dll SP1
    24-Apr-2004 03:03 5.1.2600.1515 36,864 Mf3216.dll SP1

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    Craig, Dec 15, 2004
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