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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by krishnan, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. krishnan

    krishnan Guest

    I am posting my old mail here again because I did not get any reply
    for my earlier posting a few days ago. Hope someone would help
    to clarify my problem. Your help would be much appreciated.

    This is a follow up mail to the one I posted earlier under the title
    "window media audio short cut". "window media audio short cut" is the
    description that appeared under the column 'type' in the windows explorer
    for the file 'windows\mswiizz.32'. What file is this? Is it ok to delete
    this file? It is a very big file with 1,911,267kb. When I was defragging, I
    found out it has got 16 fragments and the file cannot be defraged. I
    want to know if I can just delete the whole file. There are three files with
    same name 1)windows\mswiizz.32 which is of type 'DAT file'
    2)windows\mswizz.32 which is of type 'windows media audio short cut' with
    1,911,267kb. 3)windows\mswiizz.32s which is of type 'S
    File' All modified on the same date.
    Please help.
    krishnan, Jan 1, 2007
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  2. I've never heard of any of those file names, so it's impossible to
    guess if you can safely delete them or not. 2GB is large enough to be
    an uncompressed AVI file (for example) and it unlikely to be a program
    or anything critical.

    I don't suppose you remember recording anything with a web camera, or
    some sort of screen capture program or similar ? It's unusual for
    programs to put files into the /windows directory to be honest.

    If you're worried, back the files up to a data DVD, then forget about
    them unless your system complains they're needed by some application
    you forgot about.

    Probably the reason you had no answers (my guess) is that your
    question seems unrelated to Windows Media (the purpose of this
    newsgroup) except by some bizarre coincidence.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Jan 2, 2007
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