Zero results returned for uSNchanged search...

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by confused, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. confused

    confused Guest

    I'm trying to track changes to AD and whenever I run a search like:

    (&(uSNchanged >= lowernumber)(uSNchanged <= hisghestCommittedUSN))

    I get zero results....using ldp/aduc/script

    I am a domain admin, are there any other rights needed to perform this
    search ?
    confused, Mar 10, 2006
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  2. I'm not sure what the second clause really does for you, as that only really
    serves exclude the last object updated on the server.

    Why not start with something like (uSNChanged>=0) and return 10 records and
    make sure that is working. Then, you can start increasing the value and

    Also, is the typo in the second clause relevant?

    Joe K.
    Joe Kaplan \(MVP - ADSI\), Mar 10, 2006
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  3. confused

    confused Guest

    right. yes I have done both. still getting nothing back actually, did:

    (usnChanged >= *) /* is this the same ? */

    and tossed out the upperbound part of the search (I've seen it in other
    but I agree, it's kind of useless).
    no. that's just pseudocode representation. I've checked my code and even
    inserted actual values to make sure I'm not going crazy (plus, I have use
    strict on and warnings in my perl script so I'm pretty sure i'm covered
    confused, Mar 10, 2006
  4. The only other thing I can think of is that the search base or scope is
    wrong (or you didn't bind correctly). I can't replicate your results
    otherwise. usnChanged>=0 returned as many objects as I asked for.

    Joe K.
    Joe Kaplan \(MVP - ADSI\), Mar 10, 2006
  5. confused

    confused Guest

    i've verified the bind and the search scope by changing out the filter
    and getting back the desired results....

    confused, Mar 10, 2006
  6. I have no clue then. I can't repro your results. The only thing I can
    think of is that you are spelling something wrong in the filter.

    Joe K.
    Joe Kaplan \(MVP - ADSI\), Mar 10, 2006
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