Zone Alarm

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by IT05, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. fud?... you haven't proven your own case, so why should i prove mine, the
    moment you actually have any basis of an argument is when i will take you
    seriously, until then the windows firewall is nothing short of a sad joke.
    Squall Leonhart, Aug 9, 2007
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  2. You and me both!
    Gary VanderMolen, Aug 9, 2007
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  3. IT05

    N. Miller Guest

    And who are these "100 hackers"? And what "good" reasons did they give? So
    far all that you have offered is unattributed words...hearsay; no evidence.
    N. Miller, Aug 9, 2007
  4. IT05

    N. Miller Guest

    I am not sure what case you are addressing; the lack of firewalls, or the
    use of the Windows firewall.

    On my premises are three computers connected via LAN. Two have Windows Media
    Center Edition 2005. The Windows Firewall is running on each. I only let it
    run to keep the Windows Security Center quiet; WSC complains when I turn off
    the firewall. However, it took some doing to get the network to run with the
    firewalls up. Permissions, and the like. The third runs Windows Millennium
    Edition, with an MTA connected to the Internet, and no firewall at all.

    I have set up another computer with Windows XP, Home Edition, and just the
    Windows firewall. Direct connection to a DSL modem.

    I have set up another computer without a firewall; Windows Millennium
    Edition. Direct connection to a DSL modem.

    I have a friend with two computers (no LAN), one Windows ME, the other
    Windows 98. No firewalls.

    None of them have been hacked... Nearly as I can tell, the greatest threat
    is that stupid Storm Worm e-card spam. I don't have the equipment to test if
    the Storm Worm can disable Zone Alarm; but, if I was a virus writer, I'd
    work on malware which either disables such protection, or turns it in my
    N. Miller, Aug 9, 2007
  5. IT05

    Julian Guest

    To even call it hearsay is to give it undue weight.
    Julian, Aug 9, 2007
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