ZoneAlarm Suite no longer integrates with Windows Security Center

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by TheAncient, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. TheAncient

    TheAncient Guest

    I am running XP Pro SP2.
    I installed KB926181 and, like with others who posted here, the update kept
    showing up. I next tried to follow the jumble of various related bulletins
    and postings and
    - uninstalled KB936181
    - uninstalled KB927978
    - removed MSXML4.dll from C:\Windows\System32
    - re-installed KB927978 (downloaded .enu package directly from MS Update)
    - re-installed KB936181 (downloaded .enu package directly from MS Update)
    - Verified MSXML4.dll was present again
    At this point, both updates are showing in the Add/Remove programs list but
    Windows security center does not recognize that I have ZoneAlarm Security
    Suite running and keeps bugging me because it thinks I have no Firewall or
    Virus protection.
    (Everything was fine before I ever started messing with KB936181)
    Any ideas how to get ZoneAlarm and Windows Security Center to 'play nice'
    TheAncient, Apr 18, 2008
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  2. What did ZA Support have to say when you contacted them about the problem?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 18, 2008
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  3. TheAncient

    TheAncient Guest

    I re- installed ZoneAlarm, rebooted, and now Windows Security Center sees
    ZoneAlarm and is, apparently, happy for the time being.
    A number of other strange things happened though: Cyberhawk detected a
    potentially dangerous application: WGA, and all network drives showed up as
    newly discovered UPnP devices. Something is going on behind the scenes that
    Microsoft is not telling us about....
    In any case, my problem is resolved.
    TheAncient, Apr 19, 2008
  4. TheAncient

    TheAncient Guest

    I never spoke to ZA Support: "Something" was broken so I simply re-installed
    ome of the broken pieces and it was easier to re-install ZA rather than
    Windows Security Center.
    TheAncient, Apr 19, 2008
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