Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Dajan, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Dajan

    Dajan Guest


    I used zonealarm in XP do I need it with vista or is the default programs

    Dajan, Aug 24, 2008
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  2. Dajan

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Vista own Firewall is very good, and quite sufficient for what you need.

    Below are some compatible security Programs you might want to use with Vista.

    Avast Anti-Virus is Vista compatible (32bit and 64bit Versions), FREE,
    auto-updating, and a low resources user of your computer.
    And, only have 1(one) Anti-Virus installed / running on your computer at any
    one time..
    Conflicts may occur if you have more than 1(one).

    Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6 is a very good, FREE Anti-Spyware Program.
    Download, install, update, and immunize your System with it.
    Then SCAN with it.
    Update it, and scan your System once a fortnight.

    SpywareBlaster 4.1 is a non-intrusive, FREE Anti-Spyware Program that runs
    in the background (no scanning by you!).
    SpywareBlaster prevents the installation of many so-called spyware, adware
    and malware programs by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX
    controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage
    Update it once a fortnight, and let it do its work in the background!

    Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!
    Download, then update, the FREE version from one of the sites listed below:

    Download from
    Download from
    Download from
    Mick Murphy, Aug 24, 2008
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  3. Dajan

    Flight Guest

    I wouldn't advise Avast. It is not so safe. Try Avira.
    Flight, Aug 24, 2008
  4. Come up with something credible to back up that ridiculous statement
    lest everyone think you're an idiot.

    I already do, so it won't change my mind.
    Paul Montgomery, Aug 24, 2008
  5. Dajan

    Flight Guest
    Read this, you blundering idiot! You seem to think that you know everything
    better and no one must have the arrogance to say anything against you. But
    now it shows that you know nothing at all, potatohead!
    Flight, Aug 24, 2008

    Looks pretty safe to me.

    Nice to see the ones I had chosen at the top of the list.

    Just because it appears as second best, doesn't mean it is
    unsafe - and it is easy to infer 'unsafe' from "not so safe"
    even though that is actually what you wrote.

    I advise either one about equally - both are adequate for
    many users' needs and have proven to work with Vista.
    FromTheRafters, Aug 24, 2008
  7. Dajan

    Flight Guest

    I never said that the others were UNsafe, they are just less accurate in
    Flight, Aug 24, 2008
  8. inline response

    Isn't that what I just said? It is easy to *infer* from your
    phrasing (since you put "would't advise Avast" so close to
    "not so safe") that you meant more than "less accurate in
    practice". I didn't say that you implied it, or said it, only
    that you left it easy to infer.
    FromTheRafters, Aug 24, 2008
  9. Dajan

    Beoweolf Guest

    Anything in the top 10 is a good product, at that level the only differences
    are - as listed in your proof - differences in ergonomics, look-n-feel.

    Anything in the Top 5, I would use or recommend to anyone, especially if the
    top priority is Free/shareware.

    Different uses/users have unique priorities. One size does not fit all. Over
    the years, I have found there is no such thing as "best".
    Beoweolf, Aug 24, 2008
  10. I just spent the past week looking at McAfee (it's free for Comcast
    customers), AVG 8 (I've used AVG in the past), Avira and Avast (I've
    been using Avast since AVG 7.5 passed on).

    I rejected McAfee because it produced false positives a couple times,
    because it is something of a resource hog compared to the others, and
    because it placed a warning icon in my tray to remind me that I'd shut
    off email scanning (it uses a proxy for email).

    I rejected AVG because it constantly popped up false-positive messages
    about a couple files on my system. Plus I've lost confidence in AVG
    because of recent reports of problems with several Windows updates.

    I rejected Avira because of the very irritating nag screen trying to
    get me to go with the pro version. Otherwise, it seemed OK.

    So I'm sticking with Avast. - even though it's impossible to stop all
    of its operations (if needed) without uninstalling it.
    Paul Montgomery, Aug 24, 2008

  11. Vista's built-in firewall is perfectly adequate for most people.
    While it's not quite up to the ease-of-use standards of Kerio or
    ZoneAlarm, it has been noticeably improved over WinXP's version.

    There are two interfaces for Vistas built-in firewall:

    1) A simplified one accessed through the Control Panel that is the only
    one most people see. To further supplement this view, Sphinx's Vista
    Firewall Control is a piece of freeware
    that makes the Vista Firewall much more easily manageable to the average

    2) And the more advanced "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    (WF.msc), accessed via the Start Menu's Administrative Tools folder, for
    the experienced user who wants more granular control.


    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
    safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~Benjamin Franklin

    Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do. ~Bertrand Russell

    The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has
    killed a great many philosophers.
    ~ Denis Diderot
    Bruce Chambers, Aug 24, 2008

  12. Who is "Gizmo," and why should anyone take anything posted on the site
    as credible?

    I, for one, certainly wouldn't trust anything found there. They
    actually recommend snake-oil products such as memory optimizers and
    registry cleaners. Whoever runs that sirte is a very dangerous and
    irresponsible person.


    Bruce Chambers

    Help us help you:

    They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
    safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~Benjamin Franklin

    Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do. ~Bertrand Russell

    The philosopher has never killed any priests, whereas the priest has
    killed a great many philosophers.
    ~ Denis Diderot
    Bruce Chambers, Aug 24, 2008
  13. "Flight" also looks to MythBusters for technology info.

    "Gizmo"/MythBusters... hey. It don't git no bettah...
    Paul Montgomery, Aug 24, 2008
  14. Dajan

    Mick Murphy Guest

    "I wouldn't advise Avast. It is not so safe. Try Avira"

    I think that is a very dangerous statement by you.
    I hope that you are prepared to back it up.
    Companies don't appreciate statements like the above.

    "Avira": install to get NAG screens!
    Mick Murphy, Aug 24, 2008
  15. Dajan

    Dajan Guest

    Thanks for all the posts, I am using and always have, AVG Free, I just was
    not sure about the need for zonealarm

    Dajan, Aug 25, 2008
  16. Dajan

    Kayman Guest

    No, you don't!
    Use this:
    You are not going to find anything better than the Vista FW and Vista in
    itself due to the advanced features the FW and Vista are using.

    Managing the Windows Vista Firewall

    Tap into the Vista firewall's advanced configuration features

    Configure Vista Firewall to support outbound packet filtering,289483,sid45_gci1247138,00.html

    Vista Firewall Control.
    The free version may be all you need, check the comparisons under
    the "Download and Buy" link.
    Kayman, Aug 25, 2008
  17. You sorta hit the nail on the head there - they all suck one way
    or another and you have to find which one sucks the least at
    what you want it to do.

    I understand there is a way to disable AntiVir's nag screen, but
    I haven't tried it because I haven't installed AntiVir yet. Both
    the program and the anti-nag wait in the wings.
    FromTheRafters, Aug 25, 2008
  18. Just Googled "disable AntiVir's nag screen".

    First hit:
    Paul Montgomery, Aug 25, 2008
  19. Dajan

    Flight Guest

    "We" want everything for nothing and complain if someone tries to get
    something back for all the work. Ever looked what it really costs? If
    someone rejects a very good working program only because that "nag screen"
    then go on, I won't help you any more.
    Flight, Aug 25, 2008
  20. Dajan

    Flight Guest

    They just showed for everyone watching it, that fingerprints can be so
    easily cheated. Nothing else, blundering idiot!
    Flight, Aug 25, 2008
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