Zune Device Undetectable on Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Carlyn, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Carlyn

    Carlyn Guest

    Ever since I've had vista my Microsoft Zune hasn't been detectable on my Zune
    software. It's really bugging me.
    I've tried looking for solutions, and I have the most recent version of the
    software. A lot of the "tutorials" and the help articles are really
    confusing, and often tell me to go places that have different text than Vista
    so I get lost. I tried updating the driver by going to the device manger, and
    the Zune device was showing up as "Unknown device" under "Other devices".
    Now it's under "Portable devices" as "Windows Mobile Device".

    goodness. PLEASE help me.
    Carlyn, Jun 5, 2007
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  2. Carlyn

    freddy Guest

    freddy, Jun 5, 2007
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  3. Carlyn

    Carlyn Guest

    Yea, I have seen it. It's just really confusing. I made the other account,
    but I want my files still, and I need an administrating account, and if it's
    possible, to make that account my primary. and I've also reset the files,
    plugged the cord into the usb in the back of the computer, and did the device
    manager deal like I said in my initial post.

    Carlyn, Jun 6, 2007
  4. Carlyn

    JC HARRIS Guest

    I had the same issue. Spent three hours on Zune's support line and still
    does not work. Went through all of the processes outlined in the KB
    article. I am starting to think no one at MS or ZUNE's division has ANY
    clue as to what they are doing. Was VERY frustrated.

    What is more frustrating is the ZUNE was working fine until two days
    ago. When my son went to use it yesterday the songs would say "file has
    expired". I did see that my firmware is on 1.2 and should be on 1.4,
    which is the issue, but the VISTA machine does not see it (ZUNE)
    anymore. Have uninstalled the software four times, have it set to run in
    XP SP2 mode, and run as administrator. The download works but when the
    driver tries to load it says it "finds the device but cannot load (Code

    ZUNE then pawned me off to VISTA support.

    Very irritating. Now I have a $250 paperweight. Thanks god I use an iPod.
    JC HARRIS, Jun 7, 2007
  5. Carlyn

    freddy Guest


    I can't provide better guidance than that of the Microsoft publication, but
    I can ask whether you've checked on any updated drivers that could be
    available for the Zun? I personally don't know, but it's worth checking.
    freddy, Jun 7, 2007
  6. The drivers I guess are attached to the software you download from the ZUNE
    site, which I have done three times now. MAddingly frustrating on the lack
    of response or guidance from MS on this, but I guess I should be use to this
    by now. It is my son's, so my iPod is the salvation.
    John C Harris, Jun 7, 2007
  7. Carlyn

    freddy Guest

    freddy, Jun 7, 2007
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