Zune on Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Tonino66, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Tonino66

    Tonino66 Guest


    my question is: how to install the update, if the version to update
    (1.0) is not Vista compatible?
    Is there not a full package of the 1.2 version?


    Tonino66, Feb 1, 2007
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  2. If you go to http://www.zune.net/en-us/meetzune/software.htm and download
    from there, it will check for and get the most recent updates during the
    install, including the ones for Vista.
    Tom Porterfield, Feb 1, 2007
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  3. Tonino66

    Dale Guest

    Are you saying that Zune works on Vista? I guess that means we can expect a
    few hundred retractions from all the nay-sayers.

    Dale, Feb 1, 2007
  4. From http://www.zune.net/en-us/meetzune/software.htm:

    "System Requirements

    English version of WindowsR Vista, or Windows XP Home, Professional, or
    Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2, or Windows XP Media Center Edition
    2005 with Update Rollup 2 and Oct. 2006 Update Rollup."

    There were issues early on where it wouldn't work, but those are addressed
    with the latest version of the software that is available on the Zune
    Tom Porterfield, Feb 1, 2007
  5. Tonino66

    Xenocore Guest

    Well there is still another issue with the Zune in Vista. Every time i
    install the software, my zune is recognized for about 10 seconds. then the
    drivers drop. I can see the device in the devices list in the computer
    management window, but the device wont start. everytime i delete the drivers
    and reinstall the software, the same thing happends. IT starts assigning the
    zune, and it drops out in the middle of the process. Leaving me with a
    useless zune with vista ultimate, anyone else have any ideas?

    I spoke with Microsoft for 3 hours after i bought it with no luck.
    Xenocore, May 2, 2007
  6. Tonino66

    f/fgeorge Guest

    There is new software, as of a month or so ago, that is supposed to
    help, but Vista came out before the drivers were ready. MS is working
    on the problem, but the left and right hands are not talking yet.
    f/fgeorge, May 2, 2007
  7. Tonino66

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    The Zune drivers were released Dec 15th or so, maybe earlier. =)
    zachd [MSFT], May 2, 2007
  8. Tonino66

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Are you using front-side USB ports? Does this work on a second machine?
    If it doesn't work on the back USB ports, I'd suspect the USB controller...
    zachd [MSFT], May 2, 2007
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